San Rafael - Argentina

In 2007 God called us to be apart of equipping and releasing men and women for ministry. At that time we left Daytona Beach, FL where we had been in ministry as Associate Pastors for nearly 14 years. It was an exciting time in the ministry, however, we knew that God was calling us to pioneer a new type of ministry by taking the knowledge, experience and revelation which we had received since we began in ministry in 1992. It was at that time we founded the ministry "Worshipers Network".

We believe that the earth is groaning for a manifestation of the true power and glory of God in His people. That is why God has called us to pioneer Worshipers Network in San Rafael, Mendoza - Argentina to help equip this generation of worshipers. It is our desire to help disciple this generation of worshipers through various forms of ministry and media.

In 2011 God impressed on our hearts that it was NOW the time to begin building a place where we could cone to be trained and receive a special impartation from God upon their lives. Today almost three years later we are about to finish this first phase of construction on the international training center.... AN ALTAR OF WORSHIP.

Over the past 7 years, since coming to Argentina we have had the privilege to travel to many regions throughout the country and minister to thousands of worshipers, leaders and pastors through worship conferences and weekend encounters. We will continue to travel around as the Lord opens the doors, however, we feel that the Lord is specifically calling us to begin to train worshipers in a small group setting. That is the reason we have built the first phase of the training center with a limited seating capacity for approximately 72 people. We believe that one of best ways to impart into the lives of these worshipers is to be able to do in a small group / intimate setting. This way we can have a more ONE on ONE approach to the ministry training times. One of the best ways we a learn is though hands on practice and by watching the example of others. That is why we will be starting during the month of October daily worship and prayer times. At least once a day the Altar of Worship will OPEN as we worship and pray for approximately 2 hours. This amount of daily worship and prayer time will continue to increase over the next several months and years as other are being trained.

In 2012 we also launched an online ministry called "Adoracion Sobrenatural" which has helped us reach thousands of people each week through the website and social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and YouTube. These video reflections are accompanied by a written reflection as well and have had a powerful impact on the lives of worshipers from all over the world. It has been very exciting to see what God is doing and the reach the ministry has had throughout the Latin America community.

See how we are preparing worshipers to be transformed for this strategic moment in history by visiting our website or social media accounts.

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