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Project - Barrio Cerritos de Argüello

Ministerio Apostólico y Profético: Encuentro Con La Vida

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Project  - Barrio Cerritos de Argüello

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URGENT:  We need your help by getting  involved.  Would you please pray for Pastor Manual y Susana Lobaiza and the church located in Barrio Cerritos de Arguello, Cordoba.

A few days ago, 5 members of drug gang came into the church sanctuary, armed with guns.  They held approximately 20 members of the worship team as well as several small children at gun point during their worship practice.  The gang members took all the church's sound equipment, musical instruments and also took off in a new car owned by a family member of the Pastor's.  The car was found a few blocks away where it had been set on fire and completely destroyed.

Those who came into the church threatened the Pastor life, members of his family as well as those of the congregation and told them they needed to leave the area.  This is a church that is literally in the lion's den.  The pastor just told me by phone how the church's youth ministry has over 100 attending each week and are making a tremendous impact on the community.  They are rescuing teens out of the drugs problem.  For this reason, the drug lords are upset because they are loosing business.  This is an area of the city that the police even fear for their own lives.  That's why we must help.  The church must stand!

Doriana and I had the opportunity to minister in the church just a little over a years ago.  We had gone there to help provide training in prophetic worship for their worship team and congregation.  It is in the area of worship that the enemy wants to keep the church silenced.   HIS PRESENCE TRANSFORMS LIVES!  We had gone there specifically to help impart into the lives of these young people in the church and specially the worship team.

Please pray specially for protection, peace, unwavering faith and restitution of what was stolen.  As well as your prayers, would you help by giving a special financial donation to help the congregation to purchase some new sound equipment and musical instruments.  Doriana, Sophia, Israel and myself have already committed in helping personally by giving towards this project.  If you would like to help, please send us a private message or email me and we will give you more details on how you can be apart of this special project.  If you have items that you would like to donate towards this project, please contact us so we can coordinate the best way in doing so.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this note.



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